fan man repair

If your Casablanca ceiling fan has stopped working and you're thinking about replacing it...

think again!

fan man repair

Repair, don't Replace!

Casablanca ceiling fans are best known for making fans that are built to last long and run quietly. Every day we are asked by customers if they should fix their fan or buy a new one. As much as we would love to sell them a new fan, the honest reply is, “fix your Casablanca fan.” Here are just a couple reasons why:

•  The K55, later replaced by the XLP 2000 motor, that made Casablanca ceiling fans famous has been discontinued. The K55/XLP 2000 is superior to what they are currently using, which makes repairing your best option.

•  Casablanca fan company has discontinued Intellitouch replacement parts. Fan Man Repair has the solution. Our IT4 replacement system is the proven, next generation replacement option to fix your Casablanca Intelli-Touch, Advan-Touch and Comfort-touch fan.

There are many more reasons to keep your old Casablanca fan in service. The best reason is it makes more (dollars and) “sense” to repair your existing Casablanca fan with our affordably priced replacement parts.

About our store

Fan Man Lighting has been the leader in sales of quality brand fans for over 30 years. Fan Man Repair has been #1 in sales of replacement parts for the top brands during that time and we have been #1 in fan repair. Our experience and reputation as the leader in ceiling fans makes us your trusted destination for all your ceiling fan needs. Check out our tv ad below.

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