Motor is the difference in quality!

Every Ceiling Fan manufacturer has a range of quality based on motor. The motor quality determines quietness and airflow.

Direct Drive/Pancake/Spinner Motor: This is the most common motor offered by every Ceiling Fan company today. Direct drive motors vary in size. Larger motors take longer to heat up and tend to run quieter over time. Larger motors are stronger and move air better. Blade span and number of blades are not as important as motor size for airflow.

DC Motor: This is the newest motor in the industry. DC motors are similar in appearance to the Direct Drive motor. They also vary in size and performance.

Stack/K55XL/XLP2000 Motor: This is the motor Casablanca(XLP2000) and Emerson(K55XL) made their name on. This has been the best motor for decades. It has been proven as the quietest and most long lived motor in the industry.

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