Casablanca Stealth 32xx Customer Feedback

Customer Service Request – Fixes and upgrades to 5 Casablanca Stealth fans S/N 32xxxxxx
Thu 8/8/2019 10:26 AM

Customer Name: Carl P D.
Customer Email:

Just wanted to thank you for these great upgrades. My Stealths range from 15 to 25 years old. I replaced flywheels on 4 of the 5 (the fifth, one of the 2 25 year olds, didn’t need it). All of them received the new wireless receivers, and wall controllers and 2 also got handheld remotes. When one wall unit failed, you immediately sent me a replacement, and that’s now installed and working fine.

Your guidance was generally excellent and helpful and all the fans are now working perfectly when only one was!

Things I learned about Stealth fans:
1) a frequent source of rubbing is the bell housing. I bent the sheet metal down around the screw holes a little to lift the bottom edge of the housing up and this helps.
2) One really persistent and annoying sound turned out to be the badge on the bell housing. The clear plastic over it had come loose. Pulling it off fixed it!
3) Clear nylon washers make an excellent replacement for old, dried-up and cracked fiber washers holding that mount the fan blades to the fan irons. I used a bit of clear Magic Mending Tape to hold each washer in place.
4) The blade tips have a piece of plastic held on with 2 screws. These need to be checked and retightened.
5) A chunk was broken on the top of one of the blades. To make sure it balanced, I used some epoxy putty to fill it in where it cannot be seen.
6) The brass screws that hold on the heat shields are, FYI, #8-24, as are most of the screws other than the blade iron mounts.
7) One fan made noise due to the ceiling mount screws being over-tightened and prevented the 3′ down-rod from moving easily. Just slightly looser, but still tight solved the problem.

Again thanks for a great product and support. I repaired all 5 fans to virtual new condition for about the cost of what one single replacement would be.

Carl D

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